Firecracker to the moon, keep your eyes shut

You'll miss me if you blink twice

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You'll miss me if you blink twice
ideal life
...says the subtitle of this blog (which you can't see since the theme of the journal doesn't allow so)!

I haven't had touched this blog for sooooooo long, in terms of public entries. Now thinking of making this real private, or revamping it to some sort, or transfer to Blogger since I feel the need to blog about myself again (although I have two Twitter accounts that seem to be the micro domains of my life) as well as I have to awaken my writing juices, charot. This has been updated almost regularly but I am the only one who can read the entries since they're hardcore =))))

Nevertheless, this online journal will officially be private!! I have yet to decide where shall I blog again. Add me if you want to! :)


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