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Late Update

Yesterday's elimination was a tearjerker. REALLY. Actually, almost everyone of us contestants cried even before they delivered their piece.

The announcement of the winners was so "ugh". This is how it went:

Emcee: May we request the contestants to line up here in front.
(Then enters Ms. Funtanares.)
Ms. Funtanares: (In a boring, slow way) The winner for the oratorical contest is contestant number one.

I am from section B, which make me candidate number two. When I heard that, it's like I can't hear anything. Only my eyes reacted, I cried immediately. Good thing that I'm beside Diane and Luigi, who were my classmates and our section's representatives for the declamation contest.
Diane: Daph, mamaya ka na umiyak, nakakahiya!
Luigi: Dikit ka sa akin dali!  Ipunas mo dito sa balikat ko.
Diane: Uy Daph tigil na uy! Mamaya na! (Wipes my tears with Luigi's necktie)
Daphnie: Oo nga, tama na (sobs) kaya nga (sobs) kunwari nagkwekwetuhan tayo eh! O musta Luigi? Ayos ka lang ba?
Luigi: Wag mo na lang lagyan ng sipon yung damit ko ah. (laughs)

I just calmed when Mrs. Pacis was already talking.

Mrs. Pacis: I'm sorry. This may be embarrasing but the announced result was wrong. I'm really, really sorry if this is embarrasing. May the announced winners awhile ago go back with the rest of the contestants. ...But do you want the result to be that way? Or you would like to know the real winner?
Everyone: The real winner.
Mrs. Pacis: ... And for the oration contest for the third year, the winner is candidate number two.
Daphnie: (Speechless) (Crying) (Jumps and walks in front)

As I walked out of the room, all of the teachers present shook my hand. :D :D

One more round to go, and another piece was given to spice up the contest. Again, good luck to myself. Thanks for all the support!


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nastress din ako don ah. =)) hahaha


Thanks to the Yuminers! hahahaha :D :D

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With that, you're now my number one fan! Hahahaha!

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Here's a kiss: MWAH!

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So now here's a hug : >:D<

I hope ya can feel it! :)

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