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Thanks To Ya! (Baka Nandito Ka :D)

Isang malaking PAHABOL! (Gaya-gaya kasi ako kay Jown. :D)

This is just a year-ender thanking all the people who made me feel loved.
1. YFC peeps - Kuya Marc, Ate Rhea, Ate Kris, Kuya Chard. Thanks for always being there! You really ARE my siblings. Also to Kuya Mel, Almari, Karissa, and Jasmin. Thanks for all the kwentuhan sessions!
2. Buraot Girls - One year na tayo! Jana, thanks for being my personal tutor sa Math. Pamgee, for being my ultimate LB (or picture buddy? hahaha). Cha, for your killer smile! Joyce, for your uber delicious viand during lunch! :D I love you!
3. Three-B Badtrip - for everything. You have made this year happy for me. Thanks for the cooperation, especially on our movie making. I love you all!
4. Close friends - Denise, salamat sa pagbibigay liwanag sakin sa proving ng theorems. Mike, for your corny jokes and your killer smile! Joanne, sa laging pagintindi sakin. Abbey, sa mala-osong pagkilos mo at  sa pakikinig ng mga rant. Pati na rin sa pag-appreciate sa PARAMORE! Raph, ngayon ko lang na-realize na love mo talaga ako. Honeybunch! Belle, Jelay, Lizette, salamat sa lahat ng kabaliwan at lakwatsa na hinawa niyo sakin! Avo - Ex! Langya. I happy that we're friends. Love ko kayo.
5. Friendsters - Ate Yumi, for being one of my inspirations in writing and for influencing me to The Bloomfields. :D Ate Eunice, also for being one of my inspirations. I love you and I wish I can meet you two someday! :)
6. CSBN classmates - Jown, you will always be my best-est childhood friend!  Daniel, ANG LAKI MO NA! Hindi na kita ma-reach! Jose, sa pagpunta mo sa school at dalawin ako. Miss ko na kayo!
7. Soulmates - Luigi, thanks for making me feel special. I'll never forget the comfort you gave me nung movie making. Jerome, sa kabaliwan mo!  Love ko kayo. :))
8. Family - Sis, sa pagpapakagat ng pisngi mo everyday. HAHAHA! Mama, for all the support. I love you!

So there. Have a happy new year, everyone! :)

survey survey

Francisco School.

1. 1st subject
- English

2. early or late??
- Late.

3.always writng ur name in full??
- Yes, but most of the time in quizzes I don't.

4. napagalitan ka na ba o nasigawan
ng teacher?
- OO. One time nun, bigla ko kasing binagsak yung upuan ko sa excitement. Malapit na kasing mag-dismissal. :))

5 . usual things you do after every

9. naglilinis ka ba ng room?
- Yes.

10. ur classrum can turn into?
- A garbage dumpsite!

11. nanghihingi kba ng papel?
- OO. Especially kapag 1/4th sheet. u share ur books s mga nakaiwan?
- Yes. :))

13. caught texting while on class?
- Not yet.

14. hatest subject?

15. ever aimed to be on top of the

17. blackboard or visual aids?
- Blackboard.

18 . reporting or discussion?
- Discussion.

1 9 . quiz or recitation?
- Recitation.

20 . written outputs or xerox?
- Written outputs.

21. npaaway knb dhil sa salungat na
ng kaklase mo?
- Hindi naman sa ganoong extent na napaaway. Sigawan lang.

22. memorize mo ba multiplication
- Yes! :))

23. eh ang periodic table?
- Hindi masyado. Yung mga kalimitang ginagamit na elements lang.

24 . Love role playing?
- Not much.

25. Kung isa kanG taUhaN sa noli me
tangere, cNo ka?
- Sisa o kaya si Maria Clara. HAHAHA

26 . Lagi kBang may i.d.?
- OO.

27. kung my nais kang baguhin sa
skul,ano un?
- Lahat?! HAHA. Siguro yung mga upuan. YUNG PRESYO NG PAGKAIN SA CANTEEN. Para kasing PLATINUM yung pagkain doon.

29. conservative ba skul nio?
- Super!

30 . close ba kau ni manong guard?
- OO. (Kuya Jimmy Villacorte! :D)


My grades improved this quarter. I only have one subject that has a grade below 85. Some of the subjects are on extremes.

Filipino: 88

Analytic Geometry: 81 (UGH.)

English: 94

Geometry: 85

Araling Panlipunan: 90

TLE: 88

Chemistry: 87

PEHM: 85




(At first I thought it was a debate)

The Ateneo Youth Congress last Friday was fun! Even though we (Ate Mimi, Kuya RJ, Kim, me) weren't able to attend the general rehearsal, it was still worth it.

I placed a cut earlier for the pictures, but after a lot of trials, I realized I don't know how to put pictures.
So I'll post a link:

I'm going to post about what happened later. :)



Gusto kong umiyak. Gusto kong magwala. Gusto kong suntukin yung pader, magbasag ng mga bagay at pakinggan ang mga kalansing nila.

Ayoko na. Pagod na akong magtimpi sa inyo. Gumawa kayo ng sarili niyo in 1 week. Itapon ko yang tape na yan eh. Wala akong pakialam.

Nakakabadtrip kayong mga nagmamarunong. Kayong mga feeling-feelingan, na grabe pa kung pumapel sa lider. Nakakainis pakinggan kayong mga puro reklamo. Kesyo pagod na kayo, kailangan niyo nang umuwi, kesyo gabi na. Isipin niyo nga, sino bang hindi?

Isasama niyo pa yang mga boyfriend o girlfriend niyo na pampasikip lang sa espasyo, dagdag sa pagkain, pero wala namang ginagawa o hindi kasama sa eksena. Tapos kung magdikit kayo e kulang na lang maghalikan kayo. Ang sakit sa mata. Nakakadiring tingnan.

Ang ingay-ingay niyo pa. Akala niyo sa inyo yung bahay. Kaya hindi tayo makatagal sa iisa. Sige parin kayo kahit pati yung kaka Iba-iba na setting natin. Hindi na maganda.Huwag niyong asahan na kahit close tayo, e ligtas na kayo. Tinitignan ko rin naman ang mga efforts niyo.


Yung mga hindi naman talaga kasali.. ang kakapal niyo. Saka lang kayo makikialam kapag kainan na. Kapal niyo! Ang sarap niyong pagtitirisin. Sobra!

Umiiyak na ako. Sana mabasa niyo 'to, kahit imposibleng lahat kayo.

Sa totoo lang, wala na kong ganang magdala ng camcorder, scripts at ipaalala sa inyong lahat na may shooting sa ganitong araw. Ayoko na.

Ayoko na talaga. Bahala kayo. Kahit alam ko sa sarili ko na hindi ko magagawa yun.

P.S. Salamat kay Luigi na pinakinggan at pinanigan ako sa ginawa ko kahapon. Salamat talaga.

a hilarious read :)
This is a story from University of the Philippines(Diliman)about a young college girl who passed away last month.
Her name was Summera.
She was hit by a dumper truck.
She had a boyfriend named Arif.
Both of them were true lovers.
They always hung on the phone.
You could never see her without her cell phone.
In fact, she also changed her phone from Smart to Globe,
so both of them can be on the same network,
and save on the cost and get good network coverage.
She spent half day talking with Arif.

Summera's family knew about their relationship.
Arif was very close with Summera's family.(just imagine their love)

Then one day Arif went to Batangas for his grandmother's problem.

Before Summera's passed away she always told her friends,
"If I pass away please bury me with my
cell phone."
She also said the same thing to her parents.

After her death, people couldn't carry her coffin (I was there).
A lot of them tried to do so but still couldn't, everybody including my father,
had tried to carry the coffin, the result is same.
Eventually, they called a Feng Shui Master.
He took a stick and started speaking to himself slowly.

After a few minutes, he said:
"This girl misses something here".
Then her friends told the Master about her intentions to bury her with her cell phone.
He then opened the coffin and places her phone and SIM card inside the casket.
After that they tried to carry the coffin.
It could be moved and they carried it into the van easily.
All of us were shocked.

Summera's family did not inform Arif that Summera's had passed away.

After 2 weeks Arif called Summera's mom Arif: "Im coming home today. Cook
something nice for me please? Don't tell Summera that I'm coming home today,
I wanna surprise her."
Her mother replied.."You come home first, I wanna tell you something very important".

After he came, they told him the truth about Summera.
Arif thought that were playing a fool.
He was laughing and said..
"Don't try to fool me - tell Summera to come out, I have a gift for her so please stop this nonsense!"
Then they showed him her grave.
He said... " It's not true. We spoke yesterday. She still calls me."

Arif was shaking. Suddenly, his phone rang.
"See this is from Summera, see this.."
He showed the phone to Summera's family.
All of them told him to answer the phone.
He talked using loudspeaker mode.
All of them heard his conversation.
Load and clear, no cross lines, no humming.
It was the actual voice of Summera and there was no way others could use her SIM card since it was nailed inside the coffin.
They were so shocked and asked for the Feng Shui Master's help again.
The master brought his co-master to solve this matter.
He and his co-master worker for 5 hours.
Then they discovered one thing...

super wasted

walang pasok ngayon! birthday kasi ng founder e. pahingaaa! 

anyway, tungkol lang 'to sa unang unit tests ko.

Chem: andali ng conversion at chemical formula! ang hirap naman ng pag-solve ng volume, mass at density. ewan ko sa enumeration.

Geometry: feeling ko talaga babagsak ako dito e. kaso d parin satisfied sa score ko.. 34 out of 50 items.

AP: pinalito mo ako dun sa part ng paleoitihic, mesolitic at neolithic. pero feeling ko mataas makukuha ko.

English: best subject kita e, kaya ako highest sa klase. 48 over 50.

A. Geom: pamatay! ewan ko ba kung bakit two coordinates lang ang binigay. e tinanong yung distance formula, pano mo naman i-gagraph yon? pero yung tangent, nag-equal sa 180! saya saya ^^.. i love you tangent!

Filipino: andaya. hindi pa natuturo yung tsokolate a saka tsokolate e. mataas makukuiha kong score sayo kahit ganun... feeling ko.

TLE: ewan ko. nagaral ako sa subject na 'to. yun lang.

meron pang Computer at PEHM sa monday. mahirap daw yung computer e, written. langya. e hindi nga nagtuturo yung teacher namin dun sa database na yun e. pffft.

ala sige. halos tapos na unit tests. projects naman!



i love you, mam morales

teacher ko siya dati nung second year. 

kinawayan ko siya, kahit may klase siya. tahimik naman ang klase, at sinabi ko, "hi mam!"

sabi niya, "congratulations daphnie!"

hindi na ko sumagot. 

since klase yun ng kapatid ko, ito raw yung nangyari:

may sumambit na kaklase niya, "mam, hindi naman nanalo ah!"

tumigin ang lahat sa kapatid ko. tinanong nila, "nanalo ba?"

sabi ng kapatid ko: "mam, hindi po nanalo."

nagulat si mam. sabi niya, "oh? hindi nanalo si daphnie?"

"mam opo." 

"sayang, deserving pa naman si daphnie."

(kulang pa 'to ng konti. may sinabi daw dahilan si mam. kaso, hindi masyadong narinig ng kapatid ko.)

gusto kong magwala: series of unfortunate events
naman. huwataday. 

na-late ako pagpasok sa school. langya, kala ko flag ceremony pa lang, pero mukhang napaaga. dahil hindi pinapapasok ang latecomers, ayun. pinagalitan kami ng directress at sinabing lahat ng gustong pumasok may 1 hour community service. no choice, gusto ko talagang pumasok kahit na alam kong matutulog lang ako. 

tapos, kay ganda pang naiwan ng kapatid ko ang susi ng locker namin. no choice din.. kailangang ipasira yung padlock. bibili na naman.. pfft..

super cramming ako sa chemistry. may quiz pala kami, at dahil nag-campaign ako, wala akong kaalam-alam. buti medyo gumana yung utak ko na nakapag-store ng konti.

nung quiz na, akala ko conversion lang. yun pala, kasama pa yung formula ng mga compounds! pinahiram nga ako ng kaklase ko ng periodic table, kaso walang anions saka cations. wala akong nagawa kundi kapalan ang mukha kong magpaalam sa teacher para kunin yon sa locker.

so yun. 24 lang yung nakuha ko sa quiz out of 40. 

nasabi ko ba na gayon yung election? kung hindi, ayun, ngayon nga.
eto yung resulta namin ng kalaban ko, in order na yan mula first to fourth year, pati yung total::
Jamila Anilao:             30. 62. 49. 105. = 246
Daphnie Bernardino: 66. 65. 73. 22.   = 226

langya talaga. hindi sa gusto kong manalo, pero sayang yung 20 points. super close na yun.

umiiyak na pala ako. kamusta naman.

isa pang pahabol. naalala ko na lang to few steps away sa bahay-- naiwan ko mga libro ko sa pehm at ap. hindi ko alam kung saang lupalop ng school ko nailapag yon... 

ay grabe. ano na ba nangyayari sakin?

me need sleep.
Sooo eekshawhsteed. (Imitating Ate Yumee.)

We started our party's campaign for the second and third year levels. Time pressure, noisy students and the rain were our hindrances. Even some of our paraphernalias got wet. Thanks to the other party who stored our things in their lockers. 

We candidates are excused in class for two days, but we have to keep up with our lessons. Pfft.
I hate you, analytic geometry.

I'm not boasting. But I think I'll win. Even though my opponent is a fourth year student, she is not 'visible'.

Then comes my mind:
This can't be happening. Why you didn't object earlier? You should've thought about your commitments and priorities. What about CAT? Especially Young Writers Club. You'll be the predecessor of Ate Mimi as the editor-in-chief. What if you win? Then byebye, writing? No way! Writing comes first.

It's campaigning saying "Please vote me as the SSC Secretary! *Flash that super charismatic smile*" but you, yourself, think that what you're saying is really at the back of your mind. 

Don't vote for me. I'll kill you if you will.

Anyway, a million thanks to my mom for doing the finishing touches for my leaflets and Kuya Shun for shouldering the expenses for the materials for my paraphernalia. I love you two!



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